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Michelle Kung 
LAc., Ph.D. (Clinical Health Psychology), Dipl. O.M.

Michelle is a licensed acupuncturist in both states of California and Hawaii. She is a certified herbalist and focuses on the healing properties of foods and lifestyle efforts to assist patients to maintain good health. She has an extensive Western research background and with her background in Clinical Health Psychology and PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune) she offers a psychobiological perspective to health.
Michelle works as a health consultant with other practitioners (traditional massage techniques, traditional dentistry, and integrative Western medical physicians) to bring you the best options to promote a healthy, balanced life.

Michelle's orientation on the practice of Chinese Medicine...
Chinese medicine is a complete medical system. There are several orientations of Chinese medicine (e.g., Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5-element, Taoist/I-Ching, Korean Hand, Japanese styles), each of which is specialized for treating an array of conditions.
Iuse Classical Chinese medical concepts that emphasize on proper nutrition and a balanced lifestyle to maintain good health and the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine as tools to treat imbalances of the body. My primary focus is on patient education with the goal to help you understand how your body functions so that you are able to make health-conscious choices. Understanding how to restore and bring harmony to your body is the foundation of well-being. Classical Chinese nutrition emphasizes on the temperatures of foods and their healing properties according to a yin and yang model. I further extend this model to teach patients the blending of foods to benefit theirhealth.
Chinese medicine practitioners should understand ‘qi’ movement and its application to health using knowledge of the yin/yang balance that forms the basis of their diagnosis. Due to my extensive background in Western research (research and book chapter publications in psychoneuroendocrine-immunology (PNEI), dental research, and neuroimaging) it is even today I practice Chinese medicine with the approach of a skeptic; I am in constant awe of its simplicity and consistency in resolving the most chronic conditions. I have found Chinese medical philosophy to be invaluable and have incorporated these principles into my life through my work in clinical health psychology to enjoying permaculture and self-sustainable agriculture work of which my focus is on the healing effects of herbs; thus, I have gained increase knowledge in horticultural techniques and medicinal/health functions of culturally-diverse foods.
With over 15 years of experience, my orientation is on preventive healthcare, specifically in understanding the primary stages of imbalance and knowing how to restore balance to the body; health is defined as the ability to be flexible with change. Imbalances result from mental and physical trauma incurred in our lifetime, some of which are inevitable; prolonged suffering is unnecessary when balance to the body is restored.
Dr. Michelle Kung worked as a researcher and published in dental immunology at UCLA School of Dentistry for several years during her undergraduate and graduate studies. She then continued to deepen her knowledge in work with dentist and gnathologist, Dr. Jamie Azdair with focus on working with patients in rehabilitative dentistry.

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