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Wuji ( 無極 ) translates as being “limitless, unbound”; it refers to the metaphorical concept that describes the space-time relationship between movement and quiescence; pure yin (坤 kun) and return of yang (復 fu).

Wuji Flow is a system developed by Dr. Michelle Kung that involves intensive assessment and bodywork of the twelve meridians.
It is a complete system for assessment and manuevering of Qi through the meridians with the aid of modalities that may include incorporation of customized oils, tuina, gua sha, acupuncture, cupping, and/or moxibustion, to create a harmonious and healing environment for the body.

The process is approximately 2h -2 1/2h, and may involve a client to be positioned in prone, supine, or sitting position as the meridians are assessed and necessary work will be performed to unblock areas where Qi obstruction is detected.  The entire process is performed with gentleness and with utmost patience.

Sequencing of meridian flow, timing with the season, and understanding how Qi flows at different times of the year, as well as the health of an individual will all be taken into consideration during hands-on work.

It is expected that the client's goals will be kept brief and allow the practitioner to perform the assessment in a quiet environment, ideally both practitioner and client are working harmoniously in a meditative state.

This service is only available by special arrangement for clients of Points of Life, Inc.
The service is not reimbursable through insurance.

To optimize your experience, instructions will be sent on how to prepare for your session upon confirmation of scheduling an appointment - please allow 3h minimum up to 24h of self-contemplation time so that you can continue to enjoy the experience of positive shifts taking place.  Majority of scheduling will take place during retreats offered throughout the year in different locations to facilitate your process, therefore openings may be made available up to 3 months in advance.
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